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RV safety issues, and educational seminars


RV Driving School

A’Weigh We Go - (See Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation)

Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation - Educating RV buyers and owners on the safety aspects of loading RVs, and the potential hazards and expense of exceeding the ratings of the chassis or tires, plus safety in towing, handling propane.  Read about their new "RV Lifestyle, Education, & Safety clinic" to be held in Harrisburg, PA every September.

Life On Wheels Conference on RVing. Educational conference for RVers.  (Sadly, this program ended with the death of its beloved founder, Gaylord Maxwell.  Check the listing above for what is planned to be a similar educational conference.)

Mac the Fire Guy - Fire safety articles, fire suppression systems for RVs.

RV Walk Thru -- RV training on DVD, from Master Certified RV Technician, Tim Collard

RV safety articles, courtesy of RVers Online.

RV Advice U.S. Towing and Road Laws - ever wonder if it's legal for passengers to ride in a 5th wheel trailer while under way?  FAQs for towing laws and many other topics, here:

Handy chart shows towing laws in all 50 states plus Canada.  Rules for RVs towing cars, and trucks towing trailers.  Maximum dimensions, can passengers ride in moving trailer?  Overnight parking in rest areas?   Can you tow a boat trailer behind a travel trailer (triple tow)?  Brakes required on dinghy?  Will open as PDF file.

Handy chart of trailer towing rules in 50 states, presented by Towing World.

Chart of trailer towing rules in 50 states, from Woodall's Camping Life.

Wide-body RVs -- are they legal on all roads?  Good question and impossible to get a definative answer.  Read more here:

Wide-body RVs -- more info on this question from the author of Two-Lane Roads magazine (who is also the editor of this website)


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    Gadgets and accessories for your RV
RV gadgets and accessories
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RV parts & accessories dealers

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RV clubs
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Personal RV sites - stories from everyday RVers

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