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Got a question about RVing? Got a problem with your RV fridge or any other RV Parts? Need an inside tip on a good campground? Why not check one of these RV discussion forums. You just might find the answer to your question here.

Note: some discussion forums have easy-to-follow “threads.” Others are really hard to follow. Here is an excellent example of RV discussion forums with easy-to-follow “threads.” I wish they all looked like this
first one:

Truck Camper Forum
Community dedicated to camping in a Pickup Camper

Camping.About.com - you can even post pictures in this one. Go to this site, then register (free) or if you just want to browse, click on “just looking.” In the left frame are the topics, click on a topic, and text and photos (if any) will appear in the right column. If there are follow-up messages, in the upper right of this frame it will say “1 of 5” or “1 of 6,” if so, scroll down and click on “advanced view” to view all the follow-up messages. Pretty slick, huh?

RV Doctor. Gary Bunzer is the “RV Doctor,” a highly-respected expert on RV safety and maintenance. At his site you can view articles about RV maintenance and safety, you can post a technical question, or read previous questions and answers of the RV Doctor.

RV USA - General RV questions bulletin board. The threads are indexed and easy to follow. This is one of the busiest discussion forums, so if you can’t find your answer here, you may not find it anywhere! (Notice that if there are follow-ups, a + sign appears next to the question.)

RV  Computing Discussion Group. Nice threaded discussion forum on one topic -  computing while on the go in an RV.

Trailer Life Forum. Neatly indexed by topic, and threads are easy to follow.

Escapees RV Club forum. Their discussion forum has lots of messages, and a little plus is that the contributors can include their photo in the message. Threads are easy to follow.

RV Coach forum -
threaded discussion forum.  Specialty is bus conversions.  

RV times, a Canadian print and online magazine, sponsors this RV discussion forum. Questions and follow-up threads are easy to follow.
Click here

RV Zone,
"The Internet RV & Camping Guide". Discussion forum.

Women's RV Forum - threaded discussion forum.
Click here

RVing Women Forum - discussion forum for RVing Women Club.

Airstream Central - threaded discussion forum.

RV Forum.net - excellent discussion forum, easy to trace the follow-ups to the original posts. You can even post photos to the gallery.

RV times, a Canadian print and online magazine, sponsors this RV discussion forum. Questions and follow-up threads are easy to follow.
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RV Zone, “The InterNet RV & Camping Guide”. You can suggest a link to your website if you have one, plus they have a pretty good discussion forum.

RVers Online. This is an old-fashioned e-mail based discussion forum. You e-mail your questions or comments, and the webmaster posts them, and if anyone has a follow-up, they respond directly to the writer by e-mail; thus the answer cannot be read by anyone else. It’s awkward, but if you have a question, you might want to post it here.

More brand-specific RV forums:

Winnebago Products Forum

Damon Motorcoach Forum

Tiffin Motorhome Forum

The Owner's Corner Forums   Launch here for brand-specific forums for Alpine Coach, Country Coach, Excel, Fleetwood, Forest River, Foretravel, Gulfstream, Monaco, National RV, Newmar, Thor Industries, Damon, Airstream, Tiffin Motorhome, Travel Supreme, Winnebago.

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