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Long before Henry Ford built his first car, America already had turnpikes. They were wagon roads with toll booths. The toll collector usually lived right there in the toll booth, and when the toll was paid, he'd swing away the arm which blocked the turnpike. And way back then, some people disliked turnpikes. And so the word "shunpike" was added to the dictionary.

\n (1853): a side road used to avoid the toll, speed, and traffic of a turnpike. 

avoiding the superhighways, seeking out the scenic route instead.

You don't have to drive an RV to enjoy America's backroads - but it doesn't hurt! Whether you drive a motorcycle, a sports car, a minivan, or an RV, where will you choose to drive it? You might seek out some scenic highways, or historical sites, or make plans to visit small town festivals. Here are some ideas:

Legends of America.  Travel, history, Old West, Route 66, ghost towns, treasure tales, and more.  Webmaster Kathy Weiser has gathered historic photos, old postcards, plus her own photos from her travels, into a fun and informative site.  Check out her mile-by-mile description along Route 66.  The information could easily fill several books, but it's all here for free.

National Scenic Byways Program. All-American Roads, and National Scenic Byways. Highly recommended!

Society for Commercial Archiology.  Established in 1977, the SCA is the oldest national
organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape.

American Journeys features over 2,000 pages of free RV travel information covering the subjects RVers want to know--by state and city. Locate campgrounds, food, shopping, local attractions, special events.

American Automobile Association. (AAA) auto club. A membership is a valuable resource for RVers. Members can receive trip routing, free campground directories and tour books, and RV towing with AAA Plus RV.

Index of chambers of commerce in the USA and Canada
Chambers of Commerce listing

Download visitor guides for 50 states.  Find both state and local Chambers of Commerce, Convention Centers, Visitor Bureaus and Tourist Boards in the United States.

Canada Tourism, official site of Canadian Tourism Commission

Tourism-Canada. Links to every province and territory.

Mexico - On The Road In - provides a comprehensive Mexico travel guide for travel by RV, car, camp, and drive throughout the Baja, Pacific, Gulf Coast, and Yucatan Mexico.   Free access to over 400 RV/trailer parks, camping sites, and many of the country's finest golf courses and hotels.   Interactive maps.   Great site. - search the database for great events. Search by state or by date. Food and music festivals, art festivals, county fairs, sporting events.

Minor Trips - plan a trip to visit all the minor-league baseball clubs nationwide.

The Lincoln Highway Association. History of America’s first transcontinental highway. Maps, place names, history, comparison with the more famous Route 66. This site is historically accurate, and beautifully done. Highly recommended

Lincoln Highway Association - Iowa Chapter. The Iowa portion of the historic highway.

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. This site will help you appreciate the 150-mile section of this historic road, as it passes through Pennsylvania, where the governor has named it the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.

Road Map Collectors of America. Over 300 collectors in
North America & Great Britain. Buy, sell, trade road maps

Two-Lane Roads - “A nostalgic backroads adventure.”
Editor/publisher Loren Eyrich (also the author of this website) drove the backroads east of the Rockies from 1991-2001 in his “Condo-On-Wheels”.  (I’d like to tell you it’s wonderful, but I might be a tad biased. :-)

Out West - “The Newspaper that roams.” Editor/publisher Chuck Woodbury traveled the byways of America’s western states from 1987-2000, in a motorhome which doubled as his publishing office and darkroom. Selected articles online.

Gypsy Journal newspaper. On the backroads with full-time RVing couple. Read sample articles online, or subscribe to the printed copy. Six issues per year.

Ohio Diners, a list of all the historic steel diners in Ohio.

Salute to steel diners in America, from Two-Lane Roads magazine.

Drive-In movie theaters. The colorful history of drive-in movies, and where to find the few that remain in 45 states and abroad.

Roadside America. From the folks who brought us the famous books Roadside America and More Roadside America. Check here to find goofy and offbeat attractions along our nation’s highways.

Eccentric America
offers a provocative look at hundreds of festivals and events, attractions, museums and collections, tours, shopping, restaurants, hotels, and eccentric environments. Celebrate events like Mike the Headless Chicken Days, SPAMarama<r>, and the Redneck Games.  Find out where - and why - to buy powdered iguana foot.  Visit the future birthplace of Captain Kirk. Gawk at the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, the Insectarium, and the Elvis Is Alive Museum.  Laugh at competitions such as mashed potato wrestling, fruitcake tossing and outhouse races  See a real life Mother Goose and her diaper wearing ducks.  Meet a man who¹s built a mountain out of paint and another who drives a van with 1700 cameras glued to it.

National Historic Route 66 Federation. The nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Route 66 across the country. Take the off ramp into a bygone era. Discover the 2,400 miles of Route 66 and see how America traveled in the 1920’s-60’s. Visit the wonderful old trading posts, gas stations, motels, tourist traps, diners and villages along the scenic ‘Mother Road’

Route 66 Association of New Mexico. The official site. Maps of Route 66 through New Mexico, suggested tours, info on the club.

US Highways - From US 1 to US 830. An excellent historical resource, dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the US numbered highway system, past and present. Every US highway, where it begins and ends, and number of miles between.

History of Stuckey's chain.

See Rock City barns - story from Two-Lane Roads magazine

Burma-Shave signs - quick history from  Two-Lane Roads magazine.

Large Canadian Roadside Attractions - Photos of huge statues, from animals like Clem T. GoFur and Jerry the Moose; to the world's largest lobster - to the world's largest bathtub.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants - Books on audio tape rental program. Here’s how it works:
Click here

America, Coast to Coast, One Mile Per Photo. Matt Frondorf drove from Times Square to the Golden Gate, and stops every mile to snap a photo. Scroll down and click on APicture Viewer@ to see all 3,304 photos.
Click here

Live webcams. Want to see a live shot of Old Faithful, or Times Square? Find hundreds here, indexed by state. Click here

Traveling USA - need help planning a trip by air, by train, or by car? This site links to thousands of worldwide travel sites.

On The Road in Mexico - A Comprehensive Guide To RVing and RV Sites in Mexico

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