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Why do folks rent an RV? There are some really sound reasons.

If you are thinking about buying an RV, it makes sense to rent one first, and take it on vacation - to make sure the RV lifestyle is for you. Even if you are already convinced that you will buy an RV, by renting one first you will make notes of features you want to order on your new rig and which RV Parts are essential.

If you live in Boston, and you want to vacation in the Grand Canyon, you'd spend your whole vacation driving there! Don't do it - fly to a city in the West, and rent a motorhome, then enjoy your entire vacation in the West.

When you figure in all the costs of owning an RV - depreciation, maintenance, insurance, financing cost, storage fees (some communities won't allow you to store your RV in your driveway) it just might be cheaper to rent for a week or two, only when you need it.

Most of these RV rental companies have locations near airports in major US cities. They will pick you up at the terminal, give you some brief instructions on operating the RV, and you are off on a wonderful vacation. And you can either pay extra to rent things like bedding, towels, and cooking utensils, or box those items up and ship them to the rental location in advance.

Go Travel Home - Who knew you could rent a motorhome in Iceland, Norway, Croatia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Chile?  Now on this one site, you can shop prices, and book a reservations, on any of six continents!   This is a very nice resource.  

Woodalls - RV Rental Guide "All about rentals, camping 101." Excellent resource for the beginner RVer.

CruiseAmerica - Rents motorhomes & travel trailers from locations throughout the USA and Canada.

Moturis / Camping World - locations throughout the USA, renting motorhomes.

El Monte Rents - Motorhomes & travel trailers, US locations nationwide.

Bates International Motorhome Rental Systems.  Franchises from coast to coast.   Offers wide variety of  motorhomes including 40+ foot diesel pushers, travel trailers, tent trailers. "Revenue sharing" -- offer your personal RV for rent through Bates.  

Recreational Vehicle Renting Association (RVRA). Locate a rental dealer, by state.

Island RV. Hawaiian Island RV Rentals.

Alaska Economy RVs - Where Alaska goes to Rent Motorhomes, Truck Campers and RVs.
Alaska Economy RVs

Alaska:  B&B RV Rental

Alaska:  ABC motorhome & car rental
ABC Motorhome Rental

Private Motor Home RV Rentals is a motorhome rental referral service providing all classes of  motor homes (including luxury coaches) owned by private individuals.

All Seasons Campervans. Rent a motorhome in Australia; travel from city to city exploring the hidden beaches or the stunning outback of Australia.   Choice of motorhomes from mini to turbo-diesel models sleeping 6.

Autosleepers. Rent a motorhome in Australia.  Australia has it all, from our shining coasts and modern cities to the lush rainforests and the red outback. Choice of motorhomes from mini to turbo-diesel models sleeping 6.

Motorhome Rentals World Wide. Motorhomes (campervans) in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Europe and Alaska. While the motorhomes are not the size we in North America are accustomed to, they are fully equipped. All motorhomes (campervans) have dishes, pots and pans, refrigerator, bedding toilet and shower.

Bartrak Campervan and Motorhome Rentals -Australian rental business with depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Adelaide. You can even take a "3D Virtual Reality Tour" inside each of their vehicles

Auto Rentals Australia Wide - campervan, motorhome, and 4 wheel drive campers throughout Australia.

Kiwi Travel NZ Rentals - Motorhome Hire and Campervan Rentals throughout New Zealand

Rent a compact camping van in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK from Space Ship Rentals
Australia:   www.spaceshipsrentals.com.au
New Zealand:  http://www.spaceshipsrentals.co.nz/
United Kingdom:   http://www.spaceshipsrentals.co.uk/

Rent an RV in South Africa from Helderberg Camper Hire.   Wide variety of vehicles, from 4-wheel drive vans to motorhomes that sleep five:

RV NetLinx - long list of national and local RV rental companies.

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